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 Creating a Race

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PostSubject: Creating a Race   Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:59 pm

When creating a race you must have the required items listed below:

1) First you want it to get approved by one of the Head Admins.
2) Must have a Race Name. Has to be appropriate and readable
3) Must have Native Planet to go with it.
4) Must describe your race
5) Must have some sort of history, if you race doesn't have a history please put "No history has been recorded yet."
6) Must have some decent looking Starting Stats

Must use the template listed below. (Colored in Blue)

(Warning, may be subject to change in the near future)

Name of Race: ???

Native Planet: ???

Description/Characteristics: ???

History: ???

Starting Stats: Health: ???
Stamina: ???
Speed: ???
Magic: ???
Racial Quirk: ???
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Creating a Race
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