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 How to Create your RP Character

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PostSubject: How to Create your RP Character   Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:20 pm

How to begin making your character… So first off, obviously, this is based on past experiences and is mostly just a suggestion guide from someone who has RP’d often. Pick and choose what works for you, and don’t prick about it. We're just offering advice so you have something to think about and work off instead of a blank slate, and also offering up some ideas why this information is important. If you need to base it off something try personality, or a theme. Find something that you want to do, whether it be a flame type, or ‘I want a mechanic!’ and go from there. Brainstorm, look up things, check out ideas and then mix and match what you find. If you don’t like something later on? Drop it! If you find something better? Use it! Find your niche. If the room is all cool dudes, you may want to try another type of character. Your character is going to fill an open spot, and to be new and original means you’ll get more play than if you are another stereotypical 'bad boy’, or perky chick. However you start, you’ll need more information on why, and how to choose these things.

Needed Information: Information that in general is something you should probably have thought of before you engage the character: Name, Age, Gender, Personality, History, Race w/ Home Planet

Additional Fun Stuff: Stuff that isn’t generally needed, if you can think quickly, but are nice to have as a reference for later, or other people who want to know more. Also good for when you just wanna have more things: Birthplace, Likes, Dislikes, Family, Skills, Disorders, Relationships (Including Martial Status), Nicknames, Zodiac/Astrological signs, Tattoos, Piercings, Scars, Other Marks, Alignment, Occupation, Fears.

Also if you want your own race please go to the Shadow RolePlay :: General Rules :: Creating a Race. Then make your race but must be approved by one of the head admins and you must follow the template and if's approved by an admin then you and other members can use that race. When making a Character don't make it to OP(Over-Powered). Feel free to mix races.

Here's how the character template should look like:

Name: ????
Age: ????
Gender: ????
Personality: ????
History: ????
Race w/ Home Planet: ????
Current Planet: ????
Other Facts: ????

After thinking about your character(s) please post them in the Creation :: Character Creation :: Character Creations area for everyone to view.
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How to Create your RP Character
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