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PostSubject: Bel'rajans/Orcs   Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:47 pm

(Warning, subject to change in the near future.)

Name of Race: Orcs

Native Planet: Bel'rajah

Description/Characteristics: Huge warrior people with blue, red, or green skin, Orcs have an average height of seven feet tall. Often times they have thick tusks on the sides of their faces, or as their lower canine teeth. The majority of them are muscular due to their warring nature, with smaller, leaner body types being rare yet not unheard of.

History: Orcs are a battle-loving race who live to conquer and pillage each other's towns and villages, though such small wars are rarely heard of with the arrival of the Asrinians. Any pillaging taking place currently are no longer for sport as before, but to trade the gains with the Asrinians for wealth and technology.

Relationship with Asrinians: Peaceful, trading.

Starting Stats: Health: 150
Stamina: 100
Speed: 90
Magic: (None, without outside influence. Still able to use magic items.)

Racial Quirk: Gains an extra +10 points after a winning battle, and +5 after a losing one
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