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PostSubject: Asrinians    Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:50 pm

(Warning, may be subject to change in the near future)

Name of Race: Asrinian

Native Planet: Asrinium

Description/Characteristics: Asrinians resemble tall, silvery-pale skinned humans, with fair hair colours such as white, light gray and soft blonde. Their eyes have the most pigment out of their entire bodies, with all shades of blue, grey, light purple and yellow. All Asrinians are attractive by human standards, yet harbor a great potential for violence and cruelty due to their conquering nature.

History: The most technologically advanced known race, most Asrinians lack scarring or experience in battle, though the ability to stand out in combat is a great desire of most. Their society is based around the further advancement of their planet, and gaining as much power and wealth for themselves as possible. Eventually, their goal led them to the planets they now war and trade with.

Starting Stats: Health: 120
                         Stamina: 90
                            Speed: 100
                            Magic: 50
Racial Quirk: Gains the ability to recover 10% of their health once per battle.
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