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 Wraith/Shadow Keepers

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PostSubject: Wraith/Shadow Keepers   Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:55 pm

(Warning, may be subject to change in the near future)

Name of Race: Wraith

Native Planet: Argos (P3X-8596)

Description/Characteristics: The Wraith are characterized by a pale blue or light-green epidermis, yellow eyes, and white, black, or red hair. As a species they have a social structure similar to that of ants or other hive/nest-based creatures, with distinct physiological differences between castes of Wraith, tailored to facilitate different functions within the society. They also possess powerful telepathic abilities. They have displayed phenomenal physical strength, along with phenomenal physical agility. Their eyes can glow in darkness, giving them night vision and thermal vision abilities.

History: This race began as a creature called the Iratus bug, which began feeding on the humans. Eventually, they began to take on advantageous human characteristics, such as larger brain mass, bipedal locomotion, and opposable digits. Once awoken, the Wraith went to war with their rivals the Lanteans and fed upon the humans of the Pegasus Galaxy. This was obviously after many thousands of years because the Wraith had to become advanced enough for interstellar travel.

Starting Stats: Health: 120
Stamina: 100
Speed: 95
Magic: 0
Racial Quirk: Gains the ability to confuse opponents through telepathy. At a cost of 10 Stamina you can use this abilities once per battle turn.
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Wraith/Shadow Keepers
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