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PostSubject: Dämonfeuer    Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:59 pm

(Warning, may be subject to change in the near future)

Name of Race: Dämonfeuer

Native Planet: Dranutov Gorder VIII

Description/Characteristics: When they woge, Dämonfeuer undergo one of the more extreme changes of any known Wesen. Their skin becomes a green and scaly hide, their nose becomes flat, their eyes take on a fire-like appearance, and most notably, they grow a large crown of horns on their heads. Males possess a larger set of horns and have more angular faces than females. Despite a rather extensive transformation, Dämonfeuer still retain physical traits of their humanity, mainly their ears.

History: Dämonfeuer were once under control of a sorcerer, doing his bidding till one day a group of Dämonfeuer led a rebellion against this sorcerer freeing their people from his grasp. No other history has been recorded as of now

Starting Stats: Health: 120
Stamina: 90
Speed: 75
Magic: 0
Racial Quirk: Gains 5% speed for one battle per turn.
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