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PostSubject: Balam/Yucatec   Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:02 pm

(Warning, may be subject to change in the near future)

Name of Race: Balam/Yucatec

Native Planet: Geaclite

Description/Characteristics: They display distinct, stripe-like spots similar to those of a jaguar or a leopard. The color of their fur seems to change depending on the brightness of their surrounding. It may appear purple in a dark environment and light gray with a hint of blue in brighter lighting. Like fellow races, such as Blutbaden or Drang-Zorn, they are able to concentrate their woge around their eyes, which turn amber and appear to glow. They also gain two sharp, jaguar-like fangs, and they gain sharp claws on their hands, which can cause lethal damage to an opponent in combat.

History: known to develop obsessive behavior, specifically when it comes to any harm done to members of the Balam's family. They are extremely daring and, at times, aggressive creatures that tend to act first and think later. However, when facing another formidable races, such as a Blutbad, they tend to back off.

Starting Stats: 110
Health: 100
Stamina: 80
Speed: 85
Magic: 0
Racial Quirk: At the end of a battle the winner get's an extra 10 Battle Points.
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