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 Wessen Uhranuti

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PostSubject: Wessen Uhranuti   Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:05 pm

(Warning, may be subject to change in the near future)

Name of Race: Uhranuti

Native Planet: Gradewei

Description/Characteristics: Uhranuti have an incredible visual acuity and ability to focus their eyesight in order to view people and objects in great detail from extraordinary distances. Uhranuti gain a distinctive hooked beak in place of their nose in their human form, as well as their upper lip. Their lower lip and teeth remain, while their eyes become falcon-like and are yellow around the pupils. They gain feather-like hairs all over their body, save for around their mouth, nose, and eyes. Both their hair and their skin gain a dark bluish tinge, though the skin directly around their eyes is slightly more red or purple in color, depending on the lighting. Additionally, the skin on their forehead and slightly around and below their eyes has a much lighter skin tone compared to the rest of their face. Uhranuti also gain sharp claws on their hands, which they can use as deadly weapons in physical combat. They can also use their claws to climb walls, as these creatures are extremely gifted climbers.

History: Uhranuti are calculating and very clever as well, and they don't like it when they feel as if they do not have the element of surprise on their side. When they can't surprise their target, they will try to run instead and only fight if they have to. They are quite stealthy, however, and can be quite resourceful in regards to using their surroundings as needed.

Starting Stats: Health: 100
Stamina: 80
Speed: 90
Magic: 0
Racial Quirk: Able to dodge one attack from an enemy but this ability needs to cool down for one turn.
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Wessen Uhranuti
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