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 Abilities Template

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PostSubject: Abilities Template    Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:44 pm

Please use the following template to make abilities. To make another ability in one app, simply copy and paste everything from 'Name of ability' to 'limitation/weaknesses' below your first ability and fill in the template. For now abilities will need approval from a Head Admin.

Character name: (Your character's name)
Link: (Link to your characters profile)

Name of ability:
Type of ability: (Offensive? Defensive? Supplementary? Healing?)
Type of ability 2: (Ranged? Melee? Cone? Area of Effect? Etc. If ranged, please include maximum range. If Area of Effect, please include maximum diameter.)
Type of ability 3: (Active, passive or toggle?)
Description: (Please be as specific as you can)
Limitation/Weaknesses: (Must have a weakness no exceptions)
Cooldown: (How long does it take to recharge this ability?)

Again these abilities must be approved by a Head Admin.
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Abilities Template
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