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 Weapons, Armour, and Items Template

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PostSubject: Weapons, Armour, and Items Template   Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:02 pm

When making a weapon please use this template.

Character name: (Your character's name)
Link: (Link to your characters profile)

Name: (Name of the weapon, armor or item.)
Type: (Katana, Mace Gun? Is this a weapon, armor or item?)
Appearance: (What does it look like?)
Materials: (What is the weapon, armor or item made out of?)
Thickness: (If your item is an Armour, how thick is it?)
Purpose: (What is the purpose of this weapon, armor or item, how is it used? If it is an armor, what body part does it cover?)
Abilities: (Does this item have any special abilities and what tier is it. For guns this is where you put its different stats.
Energy Cost: (This field is for if your weapon has an ability.)
Limitations/Weaknesses: (What are the weaknesses and limits? Every weapon, armor or item has both weaknesses and limits, so N/A will not be accepted unless your armour has no enchantment)
Cost: (How much does it cost?)
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Weapons, Armour, and Items Template
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